How to Create a Bleed in InDesign

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In my last post we discussed what a bleed was and why you needed it. Today we are going to discuss how to setup an InDesign document with a bleed.

After opening InDesign you need to create a new document (if you have already created your document, you can go to File>Document Setup…) you will see something similar to this

If you look toward the bottom of the window you will see a section for Bleed and Slug (you may have to hit the arrow to show the information) This is where you add your bleed to your document. I would suggest setting it to .125 in (that is 1/8 of an inch).

You will notice a new boundary line in your document (depending on how you have your view setup, you should see a red line outside the area of your page)…this is your bleed area. Remember, anything that is between the edge of the page and the red line will be trimmed off.


Ok now that you have a document with a bleed, you need to be able produce a high resolution PDF with the bleed properly identified, which incidentally, will be my next post….