More about PMS books

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In my last post I started discussing PMS and PMS Color Charts and I thought it would be worthwhile to spend some more time on that subject.

Anybody that has had anything to do with choosing color has most likely had someone whip out this big book of colors and told to pick a color. That big book is typically some form of Pantone Book.

The basic use of a Pantone® Formula Guide (Pantone/PMS Book) is to “provide an accurate method for the selection, specification, communication, reproduction, matching and control of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® Colors.” I.e. it lets us all talk color without using vague phrases like “it sky blue” The concept is if I use a PMS color (say PMS 3005) then everyone can pull out their guide book and know exactly what color the sky is in my world J!

There are a lot of different PMS book and I will discuss that in my next blog.