Printing Terms – Exporting your document with bleeds

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So now you have your InDesign document with your bleeds built in, the next step is to make sure your “Print-Ready PDF” includes them.

The easiest way to create an PDF from InDesign is to Export the file.

You will notice that you have several presets, I would suggest either getting a preset from your printing, or if they don’t have one I would either use “High Quality Print” or “Press Quality” which will open a dialog box to export your file to a PDF. First you must Name your file and decide where you want it stored, and then you must tell InDesign the setting you want to use. You will note a section on the left that says Marks and Bleeds, click on it and you will see the following screen.

At the bottom of the right hand section you will see a check mark for “Use Document Bleed Setting” This will fill in the settings that you chose in Document Setup. As a side note, I would also include the Printer’s Marks.