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Whether you need 5,000 flyers or 50,000 regionalized take-out menus, our print experts will match your needs to the right equipment for the highest quality at a competitive price.


Not only do we help you make an impression up close, but our custom banners and signage help you catch your customer’s attention from further away. Everything is fully customizable, allowing you to create the signage you need.


Make sure your company stands out with apparel solutions designed for your brand and your team’s needs. With a wide variety of options such as embroidered polos and screen-printed tees, you can keep every member of your team in branded-apparel tailored to their role.

Customized Print Technology

that lets you work smarter, not harder

Print Tailor

Print tailor is a fully integrated, single sign-on, online ordering system allowing you to order various templated business products with ease across multiple locations.

Through our proprietary systems, brand-managers can define standards that allow users to uniquely customize their marketing materials while maintaining brand equity.

Menu Tailor

Specifically geared toward menu customization and brand security across multiple properties, MenuTailor allows franchisees to market their unique location inside the parent company’s standards.

Our pricing tools will save your teams time and money while you focus on what you do best; catering to your customers.

Calagaz Printing understands the need for creativity, innovation, flexibility and, most importantly, results when it comes to your company’s printed materials.