Print Tailor

Marketing teams love us! We save you time and headaches by offering your locations the flexibility they want while ensuring the consistency you need. 

Smart Templates

Template driven customization allows branches to market to their communities in the way they know is best without sacrificing brand cohesion.

Full Integration

Our entire order life cycle is fully integrated, facilitating more insights, less complications, and faster production times.

User Friendly and Potent

Our browser-based system is lightweight but powerful, giving you the tools you need (?) without slowing you down with complicated software. Yes, you can order anytime, from anywhere, from your PC, tablet or phone.

Extraordinary Options

The graphics engine can create any print-ready file type opening up a whole world of product solutions that you can edit and approve in real time without having much design experience.

Live Graphics Editor

Our graphics editor is an easy-editor that gives you a live preview (wysiwyg)

Dynamic Reporting

Reports reports reports! Keeping consistency and compliance across your brand is a key to success. We’ll crunch the numbers for you and keep your CFOs happy too!

So what else can you do with PrintTailor?

Budget allocation

Our Budget Allocation tool allows the home office (or outside Partner dollars) to allot marketing budgets to locations as an “in-system” payment method, including options to customize the users and products that can utilize it.

• Vendor subsidies

Forced Formatting

● Have a brand font? We love those! We’ll keep that integrity across the created items in the system.

● Keeping partner branding obligations. No one likes an unhappy partner. (exclusivity and exposure)

Order Progress

● “Did you get my order?” YES! We have automated order status notifications so you can see the progress of your order as it makes its way to you.

● Real time shipping and real time shipping rates are calculated in the system so there are no surprises.

Approval loops

● You can tailor the system to your corporate standards and approval procedures. Whatever your company’s protocol, we’ll be there to secure your team’s procedures/ standards.
● Group approvers can manage and approve orders as you see necessary.
● Whether it's checking files, approval of costs, or order contents we will make sure the right people bless it before it’s printed.