Spot Color Printing

So far we have discussed the CMYK Color Space and the RGB Color Space, now we need to go back a few years and talk about Spot Color Printing.

The offset printing process is sort of like a box of Crayons. When you setup your press you have an ink fountain that you fill with your ink, think of this as choosing you the color of your crayon.

Most presses years ago were only single or two color presses which meant that you could only “color” with either one or two colors at a time (in essence the number of ink towers on the press) Until recent years that was the most common type of however now most presses today are setup with at least four towers to support the fours colors of Cyan Magenta Yellow black (CMYK) process printing.

Printing presses that support less than 4 colors at one time are “typically” used only for Spot Color printing and usually use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to communicate the correct color from the designer to the pressman. The PMS system allows everyone to have a common reference point to discuss colors.(I am sure you have seen the little fanfold books what looks like an infinite number of choices) The challenge is that the PMS system was developed long before it was common to produce jobs using the CMYK process and because the colors that are used to “mix” PMS color are not CMYK it causes some colors to change slightly while others may look totally different.

To help with this crossover of colors from PMS color to CMYK color most printers have a PMS Bridge book that can show you what you can expect the color to look like.

Here are a few side by side examples…

CORE 2022 Corporate Partner posters, Children of Restaurant Employees, giving back

CORE 2022 Signage and Posters

In addition to printing menus, signage, and other materials for restaurants across the country, Calagaz Printing is proud to be a Silver Partner with CORE to support the children of restaurant employees. CORE is a national non-profit that provides financial relief grants when food and beverage workers experience hardships. We recently printed partner awards and constantly produce multilingual informational posters to spread the word about the assistance available through CORE grants.

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2021 CORE Heart Award to Silver Partner Calagaz Printing, giving back, proud supporter service workers

CORE Supported 708 Children in 2021

CORE: Children of Food and Restaurant Employees released information regarding how much support they were able to provide in 2021. With 300 grants and a total of $705,753 awarded, 2021 was another successful year for CORE to share the strength of everyone involved in the food and restaurant industry. As a Silver Partner, Calagaz Printing is proud to be part of this national network helping service workers through difficult times.

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Hargrove Car Magnets, sheet material waiting to be trimmed

Hargrove Car Magnets

What’s hanging out on the trimming table to be finished this morning? Car magnets for new Hargrove Engineering vehicles! Calagaz Printing can put your artwork and designs on all kinds of materials. Of course we handle all types of paper from thin text weights to thick cover stocks, but we also have years of experience running synthetic paper, vinyl adhesives, magnet material, and even apparel. Whatever your project needs, we can help figure out the best application and material so your work looks its best.

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