California Tortilla

California Tortilla Taco Tornado Burrito, Q1 2022 Limited Time Offer, Poster prints by Calagaz Printing

California Tortilla Limited Time Offer Feb. 2022

Here’s another one making us hungry here at Calagaz Printing! The latest special rollout from California Tortilla sure does look delicious across all the different pieces that go into updating a store for limited time offers. From posters to menu magnets and sneeze-guard clings to register toppers, we do it all to make our clients’ promotion as successful as possible.

California Tortilla Free Taco Coupon, 12UP Sheet

California Tortilla Frederick MD Free Taco Coupon

These coupons for California Tortilla were the perfect pieces to be printing on #TacoTuesday. An awesome location in Frederick, Maryland easily personalized these with their store address through an online template designer full of pre-approved and ready-made artwork. These are off to trimming and then shipping out to make some lucky, hungry customers happy with free tacos!